Treatment of strays and wildlife: when an animal has no owner, who should pay?

As a vet in practice, I am often asked to help with the treatment of strays and wildlife. I’m happy to give my time for free, but what about the “hard costs”, such as drugs, xrays and other treatments. Who should pay for that?

I’ve written an article on this subject over at the Daily Telegraph

The subject of vets’ fees is always a tricky one: one respondent to a article I wrote on this subject has started a petition to have vets’ fees banned altogether.  Yes, that would be a fine utopia, but who, then, would pay the vets?

Anyway, back to the subject of today: who should pay when an animal has no owner?  If you want to comment on this blog (or any other blog that I write), my Facebook page is the best place to do this.

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