Pete the Vet: “I went to the dogs for my holiday” – with

I’m just back from being away for 4 weeks – on a holiday with a difference. I used a new and exciting website – The deal is that people with houses and pets to mind post their details to the website. People who want to mind their houses and pets respond to these posts, and a deal is done. Essentially, in return for looking after animals and property, the pet minder gets free accommodation and use of the car. It’s a great way of going on an affordable holiday while also doing something interesting and fun.

So we headed off to Crete, in southern Greece, where we looked after five dogs and four cats. My daily routine started at 6am: I had to walk the dogs in the coolness of the early hours of the day. After an hour strolling across Greek hillsides, the dogs were happy to lounge around all day, so there wasn’t much more “work” than that.

I’m going to write more about this elsewhere – it was a memorable experience – but I just wanted to let folk know that I’m back now, and will be engaging fully with Facebook/Twitter etc as usual once again.

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