Brush my dog’s teeth? Are you crazy? She’s cute but she’s not human!

On Ireland AM this week, we discussed the fact that this November is Pedigree Pet Dental Care Month.

  • Four out of five Irish dogs over the age of three suffer from gum disease, yet 90% of owners rate their own dog’s teeth as good or perfect.
  • The ideal answer is regular brushing of your dog’s teeth
  • Feeding of dental chews can be an important part of any dental regime.

November is “Pet Dental Care Month”

During this month, pet owners can avail of a free dental care check-up from participating vets, so that any issues can be identified, treated and a regular dental care regime, including tooth brushing can be started at home.

For more information and for the full list of registered vets, visit Pedigree Ireland on Facebook

This Wednesday evening (6th Nov), there will be a live Q&A on dental issues with Pete the Vet on the Pedigree Ireland Facebook page from 7 to 8pm

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