Keeping pets cool in hot summer weather

On Ireland AM this morning, we discussed keeping pets cool in hot weather.

Ten simple tips for keeping pets cool

  1. Never leave any animal alone in a car, even for what you think is going to be “a few minutes”
  2. Keep your pet cool during car journeys as much as you can e.g. air conditioning, windows open for fresh air. If on a long journey, stop every half hour to check that your pet is OK.
  3. Make sure your pet always has a fresh supply of cool drinking water
  4. Never leave any animal – dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig – in an enclosed sunny place with no shade.
  5. Give long haired animals -dogs and cats – a short clip if they have long hair.
  6. Walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening rather than in the full heat of the day.
  7. Consider taking your dog for a swim rather than the usual walk.
  8. Feed your pet 10% less food than normal: the digestive processes generate heat.
  9. For the same reason, feed your pet at cooler times of the day i.e. morning and evening.
  10. Carry a supply of water and a drinking bowl with you whenever you are out with your pet, so that you can offer regular top ups throughout the day.

On Ireland AM today, I brought in my own two dogs:

  • Finzi – a black dog – who is especially prone to overheating in hot weather as her body absorbs heat from sun easily (white dogs reflect more sunlight).
  • Kiko – a small dog who happens to be the right size to wear the cooling coat that I brought in

I also brought in some pet accessories that can be helpful to keep pets comfortable in hot weather.

  • Water fountain €43.70
  • Pet water bottle/ bowl combined
    An easy way to carry water for your dog on walks or in car
  • Cooldog cooling coat around €30
    Soak this in cool water then put on dog- evaporates gradually, keeping dog cool for hours
  • Road Refresher bowl €12
    Allows you to have water bowl in car without it spilling during journeys
  • Animalarm – €135 – a temperature sensor that sends a text to your mobile phone if temperature goes above a set threshold. The idea is to use it in car but my worry that may encourage people to do this, which they shouldn’t do anyway in hot weather.
  • Sun block cream to put onto areas of pets that are prone to sunburn. For most pets, child/baby block is fine.

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