Walking your pets in the winter: podcast from Pete the Vet on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

Dogs need to be walked regularly: half an hour twice daily should be the goal. To find out about exercising dogs in winter, listen to this week’s podcast from the Pat Kenny Show. And don’t forget cats: if they are indoor pets, they do need regular play sessions to keep them happy.

The photo above shows Pete’s dogs Finzi and Kiko bundled up in drying gear after a joyful early morning walk.

Questions from listeners about pets

The following questions were asked by listeners this week:

  • My elderly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel suffers from weak back legs because of a spinal problem which cannot be treated. She is getting worse. Should I consider euthanasia?
  • Would CBD oil help my dog’s arthritis?

To listen to the podcast, click on the play button below.

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