Why do vets charge so much to spay a bitch & can they charge less?

Veterinary surgery can be expensive

I’ve written an article on the tricky issue of the fees that vets charge to spay a bitch. Are high vets’ fees part of the reason why people refuse to spay bitches? And if so, should vets, who are supposed to care about animals, charge less?

People often complain that the reason why they don’t have their pet spayed or neutered is because of the high cost. Is that the fault of vets? And are there cheaper ways of getting the operation done?

Over half of the costs of vets’ fees are made up of overheads that are difficult to reduce: rent, heat, light, phone, drugs, surgical supplies, cleaning, nurses’ wages and administration costs. Vets already do as much as they can to keep these costs down: it’s in their own interests to do so.

So, what about the remaining half? Well, that’s not so simple either.

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