10 min podcast and more: How to reduce the risk of bites from large powerful dogs in Ireland

After the shocking death of a young woman in Limerick last week, and another incident involving a dog attack in Cork, there has been much discussion about what should be done to reduce the risk of people being harmed by dogs. I’ve been asked to comment by various media outlets, and I am just going to share some of this now.

My most detailed views are included in the article that I have written for the Independent regional newspapers in Ireland, which you can read here (if you pay a small subscription)

Next, here’s my interview with Sean Moncrieff on Newstalk yesterday

Also, here is my television interview on Virgin Media’s Tonight Show last Thursday (it’s the first item in the video after the adverts)

And finally, listen below to my weekly interview with Declan Meehan on East Coast FM, which I have made into a podcast.

The hope is that the government is listening, and that they will do more, far more, than just a simple “ban” of one breed of dog.




Listen to the podcast:

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