Good news about tail docking & a new anti-dog poo hotline

Dog faeces is dangerous and unpleasant

On Ireland AM this week, I was able to announce good news: the Minister of Agriculture, Simon Coveney, has announced that he will NOT allow lay people to dock puppies’ tails. Thank you everyone who helped to campaign for this change in the proposed legislation.

We also discussed an unsavoury subject: picking up dog poops.

How many dogs in Dublin?

Over 30,000 dog licences are issued in Dublin, but since buying a dog licence is in effect a ‘voluntary tax’, this isn’t a good way to calculate how many dogs live in the city. At recent animal welfare conference, speakers mentioned a different way of calculating dog numbers:

    • 35.6% of households have one or more dog
    • there are 468,000 houses in Dublin area
    • which would mean that around 166,000 have one or more dog
    • The average house has 1.5 dogs so this makes 250,000 dogs

Whatever way you count them, there are lots of dogs in Dubln and all these dogs poop!

Dog fouling is dirty,smelly and dangerous – it’s an environmental and a public health issue

How to pick up poop:

  1. A plastic bag is the easiest way
    1. Plastic nappy sac
    2. Carry with you till find a bin
  2. Use a Dicky Bag to put the poop and bag into till you reach a bin. They cost around €30 including P&P but they have a watertight seal so no smell escapes
  3. Other ways include scoops on sticks, so that you don’t need to bend down
  4. You can get a spray to freeze the poop so no yucky squelchy feel to it

Stopping poop culprits

  • Public shaming
  • On the spot fines
  • DNA tests now available
  • Phone hotline number if in Dublin: 1800 251 500

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