Pete highlights the importance of microchipping your pet

This week on Ireland AM, Pete discusses the importance of microchipping your pet. National Chipping Month is taking place throughout September, as announced recently: There’s loads of information on the website:

Key facts

  1. A microchip is a cost-effective way of linking your pet to your name, address and phone number for the entire life of your pet, and this month, it can be done for a maximum cost of just €20, and in some areas, it can be done for free.
  2. Many vets are doing special microchipping offers during this month, availing of bulk discounts from manufacturers. For example we are doing chips in our own clinic for half price at just under €20 and some charities are working with vets around the country to offer chipping for free for a certain number of pet owners eg Dogs Trust.
  3. Tens of thousands of unregistered and incorrectly registered chips in Ireland risk failing to re-unite the animals with their owners should the animals get lost. It only takes a few seconds to check that your chip is registered.
    Go here or ask your local vet to check for you
  4. Microchipping is soon to be made compulsory for dogs in Ireland, so it makes sense to save money and get your dog chipped this month
  5. From now on, all dogs visiting the UK must be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and carrying a pet passport.

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