Cats plotting to kill, crows mobbing bird-killing humans

This week on the Pat Kenny Show we discussed issues that arose in three topical news stories: cats as predators, smart crows and Guinness going vegan.

Cats: Wild at heart

Cats are more like lions than you might think.

Last year, pet food manufacturers Whiskas aired television commercials in which video footage of wild cats like tigers and snow leopards morphed into domestic pet cats, making the point that within every pet cat lurks a wild ancestor.

Recent research suggests this may be closer to the truth than the advertisers imagined: research by the University of Edinburgh and Bronx Zoo has shown that cats share many personality traits with their wild cat relatives.

Compared to the snow leopard, the Scottish wildcat and the African lion, researchers found that pet cats’ “personality structure was strikingly similar”. Given that a lion would make short work of a human for dinner, this has left some cat owners asking the question: are my cats plotting to kill me?

Smart Crows

Crows are smarter than you think: research has shown that they fear death, and learn from the remains of other crows to avoid certain areas and people.

Vegan Guinness

Guinness is going vegan: The Irish brewing company has decided to stop using isinglass, a traditional ingredient in the Guinness brewing process that’s extracted from fish bladders.

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