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This week, the vet spot started with Pete explaining why he has become a vegan for the month of January. He’s taking part in Veganuary, a month that welcomes people who’d like to try the vegan lifestyle. Around 50% of those who take part in this end up becoming long term vegans.

Pete’s main reason for trialing veganism is because of his abhorrence of the industrial-style factory farming which has become widespread around the world. While livestock production (cattle and sheep) in Ireland may still be fairly “natural”, with animals enjoying good-quality lives, the same cannot be said for many feed-lot animals in other countries, and intensive poultry and pig production everywhere is shocking.

If you check the ingredients on supermarket products, you’ll find that you may often be accidentally supporting ruthless exploitation of animals that pays little attention to their sentience. Veganism in the supermarket and when eating away from home is Pete’s answer to this dilemma. Read here to learn more about his views on this.

Listener Questions

  1. Carmel says “I have a 3 year old Labrador, and he has got a cyst between his toes on his front paw for the last few days. It’s very red and he is licking it a lot. I bathe it with warm water and epsom salt. He had one before and this treatment worked. I walk him a good bit, but what causes it?”
  2. Could you ask Pete why lurchers seem to be so abused and neglected in this country? There is a terrible picture of one on the DSPCA Facebook page (Cherry) and the shelters are full of them. They are lovely sweet dogs.
  3. I’ve an 11 yr old mini schnauzer. Well vetted, groomed etc and in good health. I’ve just noticed small little lumpy scabs on tips of his ears. Any ideas? Don’t seem to be causing discomfort. Sean Laois. Thanks
  4. We’ve a 13 mth old male neutered tom cat. He’s always been an only child so to say, but we’re thinking of getting a kitten for company for him as I feel sometimes he’s lonely, how do you recommended integrating the two of them?
  5. Hi Pete, my parents have a 4 month old puppy, an irish doodle. The problem is, every time he is out he decides to roam, bringing the older dog with him who rarely ran away. They live in the countryside and the puppy loves following scents. Other than the electric fence, as we have a huge area to cover, can you suggest any suitable training methods? Ailish

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