BlogPaws2013 – photos of booksigning, breakfast and more

Pete the Vet signing books at BlogPaws: good pet advice for only a few dollars

Pete the Vet signing his books at BlogPaws2013
Dogs enjoy breakfast just as much as humans

At BlogPaws2013, dogs enjoy eating breakfast just as much as humans

Avatars of pets for pet moms and pet dads at Blogpaws2013

These people only recognise each other via the images of their online avatars that they carry around: they “are” their pets online

At breakfast people use cut put photos of their pets so that they can recognise each other from Twitter etc

Avatars on the table at Blogpaws breakfast

Dogs and cats in clothes and with hairstyles at Blogpaws
I don’t like hair dye in dogs, but here in the USA, it seems to be much more accepted than back in Ireland and the UK

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