Canine orthodontics: what to do if your dog has crooked teeth. Podcast on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

Orthodontics is the science of correcting dental malocclusions i.e. abnormal alignment of the teeth.  The field of orthodontics in animals is relatively new, and it’s different to human orthodontics. Vets don’t worry about cosmetic appearance; it’s all about making sure that pets have a comfortable mouth.
To find out more, listen to the podcast below.
(above photo credit: Claudia Youle, Rio De Janeiro)

And if you want to know more about canine orthodontics, see this Facebook group.

Questions from listeners about pets

  • My cat goes crazy when I put him in the carrier to go the vet in the car. How can I help him?
  • How can you boost the immune system of a cat which is FIV positive that goes outside?
  • One of my three cats – an unneutered male – has started to urinate on almost any vertical surface. How can I stop this?

To watch my Facebook Live video session where I answer more questions about pets, see here

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