Cats are coming up in the world – they now feature on a new stamp collection in Ireland

Cats have always been “second best” to dogs in Ireland – often seen as creatures to be kept outdoors, keeping the level of rodents down and minding their own business.  At vet clinics across Ireland, only 30% of the patients are feline – this compares poorly with our neighbours across the Irish Sea. In the UK, cats and dogs feature equally strongly in vet clinics, at 50:50.

But there is light on the horizon: Ireland now has two “cats only” clinics – one in Cork, and one in Bray (serving the South Dublin as well as County Wicklow).

And the latest pro-cat news is that An Post, the Irish Post Office, has just put its own “stamp of approval” on cats by issuing a new collectible series of stamps, featuring cats.


The new stamps, issued by An Post today, feature four pedigree breeds of cat – Maine Coon, Burmese, British Shorthair and Persian.

The cat stamps, created by Irish design company Red and Grey Design, will appear on the new 68c stamps.

They can be viewed and purchased at the GPO Dublin, selected post offices and you can buy them online at the Irish Stamps website.

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