Should consumers be informed via meat labels whether or not animals are stunned before slaughter?

I have just written a new article over at Vet Help Direct about no-stun slaughter.

I have been writing for many years about the issue of no-stun, or “ritual” slaughter.  This topic is back in the media this week, largely due to the British Veterinary Association’s new online petition to have the practice banned in the UK. (Over 36000 people have signed at the time of writing this blog; when the number reaches 100000 the UK government will need to address this issue in parliament).

I know that standard pre-stun slaughter is not perfect, and one of the arguments used in favour of no-stun slaughter is that we ought to get our conventional house in order first before criticising. It’s arguable that more animals suffer from botched conventional slaughter than through no-stun slaughter. My view is that we should get both houses in order: either stop animals from suffering for our meat habit, or go vegetarian.

What do you think? Let me know via the Vet Help Direct blog.

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