Murder mystery at Crufts: rough handling of dogs, and what to do when malicious poisoning is suspected

Crufts hit the news for the wrong reasons today, for two main reasons

1: There was widespread concern about the winning Scottie dog being handled in an insensitive manner.

The management at Crufts had this to say about it:

“We want to address the posts we have had regarding the handling of last nights Scottish Terrier, Knopa. It was made clear to the handler at the show that it is not acceptable to pick a dog up in this way, and despite repeated requests not to do so, she went ahead. The handler is from the USA where it is customary to pick up terriers in this way, but it has no place at Crufts and this is put in writing to all handlers before the show.”

Fair comment – what else can one say?

2: The more serious, ongoing issue has been the death of the Irish Setter, Jagger.

This lovely dog died on Friday night, and his owner is convinced that the cause of death was malicious poisoning. Jagger spent some time at the “benches”  unsupervised (see below for a photo of the type of set up at Crufts). The owner feels that this is the most likely time when he could have been given some poison bait.


  • Natasha Shea says:

    It’s all very well Crufts saying this, but the dog was handled wrongly in front of a judge. So words are cheap. And the statement that vile woman gave after, has insulted everyone who has expressed their concern over this. She broke the rules. She should be stripped of any title and get a ban from showing again!

    As for that poor unfortunate setter and its owner.. How horrific! There is serious money in breeding these dogs!! Where was the security??? Crufts should offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of who did it!

    And the third issue was the owner beating his dog in the car park of Crufts…

    Crufts has represented nothing but animal cruelty this year. The organisers should hang their heads in shame!!

  • Mary says:

    Never agreed with Crufts, always thought it was cruel.

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