Crazy cat ladies: reality or myth? Pete the Vet Podcast on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

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Is there really such a thing as “crazy cat ladies”

The concept of the crazy cat lady is a part of our culture. It’s a stereotype of an older woman living on her own, surrounded by a dozen cats, talking to her pets in a mumbo-jumbo fashion, and not noticing that they are piddling all around her. There have been books, tv programmes and movies featuring crazy cat ladies, including The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live.
The myth probably goes back to medieval times, when cats were believed to be “witches’ familiars”, working together to create mischief in the world, and even being burnt at the stake together. Ever since those days, women living on their own with cats have been regarded with some suspicion.

The reality? While women are probably more likely than men to be “animal hoarders”, they’re as likely to gather dogs around them as cats, and the stereotype that we love to imagine is probably more in our heads than in real life.

Questions from pet owners

  • We have a one and a half year old yellow lab bitch who regularly eats her poo any advice on how to stop this and why do they do it. Thanks Kevin
  • Is there is any safe medicine to administer my dog while travelling long journeys. He is extremely anxious travelling and pants non stop. Many thanks. Katherine.
  • For the vet 2 weeks ago I added 3 younger hens to my flock of 2. They are fighting as the older 2 are picking the younger ones. I did keep them apart in a cage most of the day and they all settle down in the coop and sleep together at night. When they are out roaming they are fine but keep separate in 2 groups. Is there anything else I can do to integrate them Frances in Wexford
  • Our six month old Cat has taken to sleeping up on top of the kitchen presses at night, he is very happy up there just wondering if this a thing cats do ?
  • We have a very friendly robin in our garden I love seeing him, can Pete advise what is the best things to feed the little fella during the summer and winter months. Tks Lucy.
  • I listen to this slot every week, we lost our beloved Dog 9 year old dog Ozzie on Monday after he become suddenly very ill over the weekend. We are devastated, this is the 1st time in my life I have experienced grief. He was such a big part of our family, can’t believe how hard this has hit me, I miss him so much
  • There is a lady next door to me that rescues semi feral cats. I hate them. They foul the garden. I’m worried my kids will get sick. Our garden is a toilet. Anti cat spray, water and audible alarms don’t work. How can I get rid of them?
  • Getting a setter puppy next week, debating whether to get one or two… previously had a male ster for 13 yrs. Considering getting two for social / companionship aspect for each other. What considerations with regards to dog and bitch from same litter?

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