Dublin Ironman 70.3 is coming up: two weeks to go and competitors are training hard

Dublin Ironman 70.3 is taking place on Sunday 14th August, and I’ll be there, taking part. I did the race last year, and it was the highlight of my season. It was a well-organised event, with enthusiastic supporters all round, a simple but challenging course, and the weather on the day was magnificent. I was fortunate enough to have a great race, doing far better than I’d expected, and this was the only reason why I wasn’t sure about doing the event again this year: it won’t be easy to beat my time.

Another year, a different course

The good news is that the bike course has been changed this year: it’s rumoured to be slightly more difficult, so I now have the perfect excuse if I don’t manage to do as well as last year.

It’s a 1.9k swim, 90k bike, and 21k run. Nothing easy about it, but for me, if all goes to plan, it should all be over in somewhere between 5 and 6 hours. Of course there’s always the risk of mishaps, from goggles falling off to bike mechanical failure to punctures to sprained muscles. So who knows how it will go on the day.

Spectators will be welcome

Ironman events are designed to be entertainment. The organisers make a great effort to make the events as spectator-friendly as possible.  Google Ironman Dublin and you’ll find out where to go on the day to see the action.

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