Getting your first pet: podcast from Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

If you are thinking about getting your first family dog, you need to plan carefully. Listen to this week’s podcast for a few tips. And if you are looking for a rescue pet, visit this website to find one near where you live.

Questions from listeners about pets

  • I’d like to get a family dog but I don’t want dog hair in the house. What do you recommend?
  • Is it safe to give a Labrador chocolate treats?
  • Why does my neighbour’s cat dribble so much when she is happy?
  • My two year old dog was neutered today: what advice do you have for his recovery?
  • Would a hamster be a good first pet for a family in an apartment?
  • I have an 8 month old German Shepherd Husky cross and he is not putting on weight. What should I do?
  • Our elderly Labrador is weak on his back legs. Does this mean we are close to the end?

To listen to Pete’s answers to these questions, listen to the podcast below.

To watch Pete’s Facebook Live session after the show, visit this link.

Listen to the podcast:

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