Lobsters, alive-alive-oh. Why do we think it’s OK to boil them alive?

It’s time to be kinder to lobsters: Ireland and the UK should follow the recent example of Switzerland (and the advice of scientists) by banning lobster boiling.

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You can also read my latest Telegraph piece on lobsters here.

Questions from Pat Kenny listeners about pets

  1. My 5 year old Parsons Jack Russell has been diagnosed with a cruciate ligament tear in her hind leg. I don’t have the 2000 euro I’ve been quoted for by the vet to get it fixed. After I bring her for a walk she gets a limp for a day or two. Should I continue to walk her? Will this compound the illness?
  2. Judy in Rathgar says “Is it desirable to have your dog’s teeth scaled and cleaned by a vet? I believe they use an anaesthetic.”
  3. We have a 2 year old Newfoundland, we don’t want to get him neutered but one of his testicles has not dropped, should we get him neutered because of this? Karen
  4. I am getting my cat neutered next week and he will be in overnight in the vets, can you advise me how to look after him when he comes home after his operation?
  5. My 11 year-old Bichon has suddenly started asking to go out in the middle of the night. His last walk finishes around 10.45pm and until now would sleep peacefully. After many nights of disturbed sleep (mine! wide awake after letting him out) I urged him back to bed instead of opening the door….and he would return and still sleep until 10pm. it started after i had been on holiday and left him with a friend for a week. He didn’t do it while there. It’s now not every night, but last night he did it again. I let him out and watched him. Just mooching round the garden…no urgency to pee evident. Any clues as to why the change in behaviour and suggestions for a solution? Thank you. Kate of Clonmel
  6. I have a 9 year old red setter bitch. She has recently lost a lot of her sight. Can anything be done. Vet said she has bad cataracts. Thanks. Richard
  7. We have a 3 yr old female King Charles, Cally and constantly snores very loudly, what’s causing this? She was spayed a year ago Karen.
  8. I so want to get a Dachshund Jack Russell cross. Any advice from Pete on if there is a best place to locate one?

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