How can we help Pugs and Bulldogs breathe normally again?

The campaign for action to help squashed-nose (brachycephalic) dogs to breathe normally is gaining momentum. I need to stress that there are many of these dogs that have comfortable breathing and are able to live normal, active lives. But as a vet, I see the ones that cannot breathe normally, and I have to refer them to surgeons to have their breathing passages redesigned to allow them to live in comfort. It just feels so wrong that we humans continue to create dogs that are born with these problems.

To update folk who have been following this, I’ve written an account of the latest progress in a blog post across at VetHelpDirect.

Our petition, asking vets and nurses to support us in our call for action, now has almost 20000 signatures. Those in power really do need to listen to this lobby. It’s just not fair to the dogs to continue to create them like this.

Has your vet signed the petition yet? Please ask them, and we can bring even more support to this important cause.

Listen to the podcast:

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