Irish Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference coming up on Saturday 27th October

I’m speaking at the upcoming conference on Saturday 27th October on wildlife rehabilitation: please come along if you have any interest in rescuing wildlife in trouble.

It’s happening at Rock Farm, Slane, Co Meath.

The programme is as follows:


  • 09.00 Five reasons why it’s worth rescuing wildlife Pete Wedderburn
  • 09.30 That wild animal looks injured, what do I do? Primary assessment, triage and first aid of wildlife casualties Elizabeth Mullineaux
  • 10.20 Rescue and rehabilitation of seals David Couper
  • 11.30 How to assess, treat and care for avian casualties (Swans, gulls, pigeons and corvids) Emma Keeble
  • 12.20pm Care and rearing of neonates Pauline Kidner
  • 2.00pm Release: general and species specific release conditions Joanna Hedley
  • 3.15pm Wildlife casualty case study discussions – specific to Ireland Kieran Corry
  • 4.45pm Stepping into our forgotten roles as guardians of the earth Mary Reynolds

To register for attendance, please see here:

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