Is it OK to put your dog’ poop in someone else’s wheelie bin? Plus audio books to celebrate James Herriot’s birthday.

Dog poop wars

What is it about dog poo that upsets people so much? Sure, it’s foul smelling, disgusting stuff, but still…

Following the article in the Independent this week telling the tale of a woman who put a sealed bag of dog poop into someone else’s wheelie bin, there has been much discussion on whether or not this is acceptable. From online polls, it seems that around two thirds of the population view their wheelie bins as private property that should not be used by anyone else without permission. This is fair enough, and needs to be respected.

My view is that I would be happy for anyone to use my wheelie bin in such a situation, but it seems that I am in the minority. So if anyone passes my wheelie bin with a bag of dog poop, go ahead and dump it there! But don’t dump it in anyone else’s without their permission.

James Herriot audio books

James Herriot, the famous veterinary author from the Yorkshire Dales, would be 100 years old tomorrow if he was still alive.  His books are now available as audio files so that you can listen to them anywhere, any time. They’re narrated by Christopher Timothy, who played Herriot in the BBC tv series. You can buy these online, but I am giving away one audio book to anyone who likes my Facebook page, then likes and shares the Facebook post where I mention this giveaway. The draw will be done on Monday evening.

Listeners’ queries

I always answer a few listener queries about pets when on the Pat Kenny Show. Here are some of the issues tackled this week: you can hear my answers on the podcast below.

  • What toys will suit a blind dog?
  • My dog carries a soft toy around as if it is her offspring. Why is she doing this?
  • What should be done about people with annoying long dog leashes


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