James Herriot: one hundred years old on 4th October 2016

I’ve always loved reading books, and the James Herriot stories were the highlight of my youth. I’d wanted to be a vet since I was just five years old. When, at the age of eleven or twelve, I found these books that painted such an idyllic picture of my planned career, I couldn’t get enough of them.  I read every book as it was published, then I re-read them, then I re-read them. And I still re-read them today, to the extent that I know some passages almost off by heart.

I also now enjoy listening to the audio versions of the books. I have organised to give one audio book away to celebrate Herriot’s 100th birthday tomorrow. Go to my Facebook page (Pete the Vet) to find out more about this.

Meanwhile, listen to this week’s podcast to hear me talking more about my favourite-ever author.

Listen to the podcast:

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