Kiko in her bow tie helps Pete the Vet answer viewers questions on Ireland AM

What’s with Kiko’s bow tie?

I’m not into dressing pets up in exotic costumes, but when Hiro and Wolf  sent me a bow tie collar for Kiko, it did make her look smart. So that’s what she wore when she joined me on TV3’s Ireland AM to answer questions from viewers.

Questions from viewers – cats to budgies to hamsters and more

From cats that scratch their owners to cats that scratch their own ears, from lonely obese budgies to questions about hamsters and dogs with smelly breath to  I answered a wide range of questions this morning.

I always enjoy answering people’s queries about pets: as a vet, this is what I’m trained to so, and I’ve been doing it for over thirty years now. Of course, it’s always better to be able to physically examine an animal, which is why it’s nearly always best to take your pet to your vet for a full check up and discussion. But for simple queries, I’m always happy to help on vet spots like this, whether on the television, radio or social media.

You can watch on the clip below.

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