My blog plans for 2010

As we move into the New Year, I’ve been reflecting on the best way to use this blog, as well as my other online resources. Since I started writing the blog, Facebook and Twitter have grown in popularity, and they seem to offer a more effective way of instantaneous interaction. My current plan is to maintain four online outlets during 2010:

1. This website- – will continue as before, as a “catch-all” highlighting my writing, radio and television work as it happens. The idea is that my “blog” entries here are usually brief, linking to other articles that I’ve done, or to online radio or tv excerpts.

2. I also run a site that highlights my journalism work – – this acts as my online curriculum vitae, and doesn’t change so often.

3. My Facebook “Fan Page”, which you can visit by clicking here, is where I post up-to-date accounts of what I’m up to. If you become a Fan, you’ll be kept in touch, and the format allows much more effective discussion about issues that come up.

4. My Twitter page is where I add in a few extra moment-by-moment comments – it reaches a bigger audience than Facebook, and it can be especially useful to give on-the-spot running accounts of events e.g. when I’m at the launch of the Independent Dog Breeding Inquiry report next week. Click here to visit my Twitter page.

It seems like a complicated patchwork: the idea is that you choose what suits you best: some folk are Twitterers, others love Facebook and others just like to come to this site. Thanks for your interest, whichever way we’re connecting with each other :-)

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