My new Facebook “fan” page

I’ve been trying some new ways of interacting with folk on the internet – and it’s time to give you an update. This blog was the start, and then I added a Twitter stream to this page, on the right hand side. I’ve now started a couple of Facebook pages that work with both Blogger and Twitter. Firstly, I have a Facebook page for myself – Pete Wedderburn – as a vet, and you’re welcome to become my “friend” there. Secondly, I’ve started a “Pete the vet fan page”. I feel uncomfortable about the title of this – for goodness’s sake, who am I to have “fans”? But the fan page does seem to offer a useful way of interacting – I can post cases and discussions there, and anyone can post comments to the same page so that there can be useful interactions. Now I can post photographs and discussions to the Facebook fan page, and it’s automatically sent to Twitter, then on to this blog site, and also to my otre Facebook page. It seems to make sense, but I’m always open to other ideas…..

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