Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 18th October 2020

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Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 8th November 2020

How can we stop our neighbour's cats from using our garden as a toilet? Why does my dog move so violently when dreaming? Plus veterinary services during the lock down phases of the COVID pandemic, and the usual rescue pet.

Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 1st November 2020

Helping a dog accept a new kitten, dealing with anal sac problems in dogs, a survey showing that young adults are taking up pet keeping, plus the usual rescue pet. My column in the Telegraph is here

Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 25th October 2020

The importance of realistic planning before getting a dog, how to help a cat that's regularly physically harmed by a neighbouring cat, and a special old age amnesty for pets to help older pets that cannot find insurance.

Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 11th October 2020

Why are our normally friendly dogs stressed by a visiting family pet? Why are my two cats piddling on soft furnishings instead of the litter tray? Plus tips on rescuing hedgehogs and the usual rescue pet

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