Pet Subjects in the Sunday Telegraph 14th March 2021

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Pet Subjects in the Telegraph 21st March 2021

Dealing with a dog's sock-eating habits, stopping a cat from bullying her housemates, Guinea Pig Awareness week and the usual rescue pet

First Aid for Pets in the Scotsman newspaper

Pete was recently interviewed by a journalist from the Scotsman newspaper, based in Edinburgh, on the important topic of first aid in pets

Pet Subjects in the Sunday Telegraph 28th February 2021

How to stop a cat scratching the back of an armchair, dealing with a dog whose gums bleed when chewing bones, the launch of a PetTech Accelerator Programme from Purina, and the latest rescue pet

Pet Subjects in the Sunday Telegraph 21st February 2021

Is "dog chocolate" really safe for dogs? Why is my cat purring more loudly than she used to? Plus the usual rescue pet

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