Online resources for helping those suffering from grief at losing a pet

Friday, 30th August is “Grief Awareness Day”. Grief after losing a pet is one of the most common and challenging issues that I encounter in my daily working life as a vet, so in recognition of this upcoming awareness day, I have created a list of online resources for helping people to deal with the challenge of grieving for a pet.

These resources are just a starting point. If your grief becomes complex or prolonged, you might find that speaking to a counsellor in person will help. You’ll find some counsellors in the links below, or talk to your GP about finding a suitable counsellor for you in your own area.

Reading resources:

  • Barton Ross, C. (2005) Pet Loss and Children
  • Carmack, B. (2003) Grieving the Death of a Pet
  • Greene, L. and Landis, J. (2002) Saying Goodbye to the Pet you Love
  • Barton Ross, C. and Baron-Sorensen, J. (2007) Pet Loss and Human Emotion
  • Straub, S.H. (2004) Pet Death
  • Allan, N. (1996) Heaven

The books listed above are available on public loan from the Therese Brady Library at the Irish Hospice Foundation. Phone (01) 6793188

Further reading:

  • Anderson, M. (2011) Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet (Dog Ear Publishing)
  • Hill, A. (2005) Do Animals Have Rights? (Icon Books)
  • Mason, J. (1997) Dogs Never Lie About Love (Random House)

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