Pet Product Review: the Dicky Bag – the civilised way to carry dog poop

Finzi is tall enough to carry her own Dicky Bag when out on walks

Finzi is tall enough to carry her own Dicky Bag when out on walks

This week’s product review is one of those practical ideas that you wish you’d thought of yourself: the Dicky Bag. This is an award winning stylish neoprene bag that’s lightweight, airtight, washable and leakproof, which can be attached to you (by clipping to your belt) or to your dog (as with Finzi, pictured above). The Dicky Bag is used to store those nasty knotted plastic bags containing dog poo until you find a suitable bin. Proclaiming itself as “The Civilised Way to Carry Dog Poop”, the Dickybag is a British invention, handmade in Cornwall to a patented design.

The inside of the Dicky Bag when it's unzipped

The inside of the Dicky Bag when it’s unzipped

When it’s unzipped (above), you can see that the top section of the Dicky Bag contains a clever compartment designed to keep a stash of clean nappy-sacks, so that you’re never short of a way of scooping that poop. And you may also spot, at the bottom of the Dicky Bag, a pleasantly scented air freshener disc, so that even when the bag has been used, the worst of the smell is blunted by the equivalent of a bathroom freshening spray.

If you want to personalise your own Dicky Bag, or perhaps if you are looking for a gift for a dog owner who has everything, for a small fee  they’ll customise your Dicky Bag by adding a photo or a design: just call them, and they’ll set it up for you. See below for one that they did for us, using the new BrayVet logo.

Dicky Bags cost from £21 for “extra small” to £30 for “extra large”, and they’re products that will take plenty of wear and tear: the first ones, made over five years ago, are still in regular use. Postage is free to the UK, £5.45 to Europe including Ireland and £6.95 to the rest of the world. To find out more, and to order your own, visit

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For a small extra fee, you can personalise your Dicky Bag with your own choice of photo or logo

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