Pet Product Review: Are you fed up with dog fur all over your home? Meet the Furminator

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The Furminator gathers loose fur rapidly and easily

“How can I stop my dog moulting so much” is one of the most common questions that I am asked. The person who finds a definitive answer to this “first world” problem will make a fortune: thousands of people are fed up with their carpets and furniture being coated with dog hair from their much-loved pet.
My usual answer to this problem is to focus on two aspects. First, give your dog the best quality diet possible, including appropriate oil supplementation where needed, so that the coat is as healthy as possible. And second, maximise the removal of loose hair in a place that you don’t mind (such as a utility room our outdoors), so that your home is kept relatively fur free.
“So how do you do this?”, people ask me. I have three answers to the loose-fur-removal question.
One: exercise your dog for forty five minutes twice a day, including areas where your dog can run through undergrowth and roll in meadows – this will allow the natural removal of as much loose fur as possible.
Two: wash your dog regularly (e.g. once a week), and towel dry them afterwards, rubbing well so that as much hair as possible is removed with the towelling.
Three: groom your dog every day, using a highly effective grooming tool. And that is where this week’s product comes in.

furminator (2)The Furminator is a special type of hybrid implement. It’s like a double layer of metal combs. As you pull the Furminator through the fur, it pulls out all loose fur, with its fine metal teeth snagging onto any hairs that are ready to be removed. The tool is designed to remove the undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the topcoat (which is the fur that you see when you look at a dog).

furminator (4)Finzi is given a quick going-over with a Furminator every morning, after her walk, and you can see that she enjoys having this done to her. She stands still while it’s been done, and her open-mouthed, cheerful expression suggests that she’s happy to be groomed in this way.

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She even rolls over on her back, allowing her underside to be thoroughly brushed and combed.

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A wide range of Furminators is available, both online and via pet shops and vets. They are not cheap, but they last for many years, and they work so well that once you’ve tried one, you won’t go back to standard bristly-type brushes.

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