Keeping pets cool in hot weather

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On Ireland AM this week, we discussed the perennial of pets overheating in summer.

As well as discussing the subject, we mentioned some items from Maxizoo pet shops that can be helpful for pet care during the summer months.

tips for pets in hot weather:

  • Do not leave your dog in a car, even if you think it’s just going to be “a few minutes”
  • During car journeys, keep the vehicle as cool as possible e.g. air conditioning, windows open for fresh air. Stop at least once an hour to check your pet and perhaps to go for a short walk.
  • Always have fresh drinking water available for your pet.
  • Never leave any pet in an enclosed warm place.
  • Regular grooming, with professional help if needed, is important to minimise the risk of an hour dense coat making your pet overheat.
  • Walk your dog at cooler times of day (early in the morning or in the evening) rather than in the middle of the day in warm weather.
  • Include water in your dog’s exercise, taking them for a swim or a paddle in cool water
  • Heat is generated when pets digest food, so feed 10% less food in the summer months
  • As with exercise, feed your pet at cooler times of the day
  • Carry water and a drinking bowl (such as the combined bottle/bowl featured on this video) with you, so that you can offer regular top ups when out with your pet.

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