More discussion of veganism & Veganuary

On this week’s Pat Kenny Show vet spot, first I discussed my experiences of veganism in Veganuary. Pat asked some challenging questions – difficult enough to answer quickly on live national radio. This is a thought provoking time for me and my eating habits.

Messages & Questions from listeners

  • I have a rescued Tibetan Spaniel cross for 11 years and Lucy knows when a storm is coming as she gets agitated and hides. She loves her walks but won’t go out when its windy. Paul in Whitehall
  • I have a fox terrier that scratches a lot? No fleas. A little overweight. Help.
  • We have an 8 month old jack Russell mix (small dog) my 3 young kids are always playing with her and mostly she is happy and playful – but sometimes can get snappy – I’m worried that she will give one of the kids a nasty bite- they love her So it’s hard to keep them apart! Dee
  • Our 6 year Cavalier King Charles bitch who is spayed has started peeing in the house. She is happy and is fully engaged with our two young children and is friendly with everyone. Up till a few weeks ago, she had a perfect record, always asking to go outside if she needed toilet. Any ideas? Many thanks, Roger.
  • My male dog is 7 months old and is a great dog, friendly, obedient and sociable. Do I really need to get him neutered?
  • We have a five year-old Yorkie that weeps green discharge from his willie. Vet says this is normal. We had one for 11 years without this issue. Would neutering solve it?
  • Susan called to ask about her kitten who is being intimidated by a large aggressive cat outside her home. Her kitten is pulling at the hair on her tail because she’s so stressed. What can she do?

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