Project Pet Slimdown update: What tasty treats can I give my pet?

This week we discussed the high calorie value of treats given to pets

This week, we continued Project Pet Slimdown with another weigh-in of Pushkin and Gizmo, followed by a discussion about giving treats to pets. When can you give treats, and what sort of tasty treats should you give? The main things is to compare tasty treats with similar treats for humans, on a calorie per body weight basis. If you do this, you’ll find it easier to appreciate the impact of tasty treats on your pet’s body weight. It’s no wonder that so many people find it difficult to get their pets to slim down when they continue to spoil them with small nuggets of tastiness.

Here are some equivalents for treats, comparing pets with humans.

Dogs vs Humans

Using a 10kg dog as an example, and a 60kg (9.5 stone) woman

So an oatmeal biscuit is around 50 calories x 6 = 300 calories for a human. There are 243 calories in a Big Mac so it’s like scoffing an entire hamburger!

A hotdog (frankfurter in a roll) is around 300 calories x 6 = 1800 calories which is an entire day’s food for a medium sized woman – breakfast, lunch and dinner

An ounce of cheese for a dog is 114 calories x 6 = 685 calories = one and a half bars of chocolate for a human

One crisp is around 14 calories x 6 = 84 calories – human eating half a hamburger

Tablespoonful of peanut butter = 94 calories x 6= 570 calories for a human = half a large tub of Ben & Jerrys ice cream

Cats vs Humans

Using a 5kg cat as an example – one twelfth of a 60kg human

Half a cup of milk = 61 calories x 12 = 732 calories = two regular McDonalds Strawberry milk shakes

Tuna – one ounce  (quarter of a tin) = 30 calories x 12 = 360 calories = Two Cadburys Creme Eggs

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