Product Review: easy-to-pick-up food bowls for dogs and cats

Food bowls for dogs don’t sound very exciting but here’s a useful Christmas present for elderly people, or for anyone who has difficulty bending down to pick up their pets’ food and water bowls. The Easybowl is a simple but effective concept: a plastic frame with a long vertical handle that allows you to grasp it without reaching down to ground level. The frame has two circular cut-outs designed to contain the two stainless steel bowls that come with the Easybowl kit. So you lift up the frame, and the bowls can then be easily lifted onto a kitchen surface for cleaning or topping up.

What-you-see-is-what-you-get. It’s well made, easy to keep clean, and very effective. You can buy these online by clicking here, for £19.99 plus postage.

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