Pets’ names & new methods of flea control

This week’s podcast started with a discussion on the latest trends in pets’ names: Oliver and Molly are in, Rover and Sheba are out. We then moved on to discuss the most recent, innovative forms of flea control in pets.

Pete the Vet recording his weekly pet podcast

Pete the Vet recording his weekly pet podcast

Listen to the podcast:

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  • bridgettyrrell says:

    Hi Pete, I listened to your podcast re fleas but didn’t manage to get the name of the tablet. I know it’s only available from my vet but would like to give him the brand name.
    I have three dogs, Molly, Alfie & Freddie(not on most popular list!) and love reading your blogs and listening to your podcasts.

    Thanks for all your help and information.

    Best regards,

    Bridget Tyrrell

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