SpayAware: explaining why spay and neutering dogs and cats make sense. Vet podcast from Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

This week’s podcast is all about spaying and neutering dogs and cats: to listen, press the play button at the foot of this page.

SpayAware is Ireland’s annual publicity drive to encourage people to have their dogs and cats spayed and neutered. Pet owners may believe that their own pets will not breed, but the truth is that all animals have a natural inclination to do so. If actions are not taken to prevent breeding, dogs and cats are likely to get pregnant, and unwanted animals will be born.
The SpayAware campaign highlights the fact that spaying and neutering also brings many health benefits for pets.

Questions from listeners about pets

The following questions were asked by listeners about their pets.

  • What is the cause of Blackspot in canaries and wild birds, and how can it be treated?
  • Is it too late to neuter our dog at six years of age?
  • We are going on holiday soon, and our dog is going into boarding kennels. How can we make this as easy as possible for him?

Pete also did a Facebook Live Video session, which you can watch here.

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