The importance of worming pets properly: podcast from Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

This week’s podcast is all about controlling worms in pets. To listen (and to find out why there’s a pic of a snail above), click on the play button at the foot of this page.

Dog and cat worms are important

  1. Worms can cause serious ill health in animals. 
  2. Worms can cause serious illness in humans, especially in children.

The most important worms to control are:

  1. Roundworms- for animal and human health
  2. Lungworm – in dogs only, to prevent illness and possible death
  • Many people don’t dose their pets often enough and they often use ineffective medication.
  • The best way to be sure that you are doing things properly is to ask for individualised advice from your local vet clinic

To find out more, listen to the podcast below

This week, as usual, I did a Facebook Live Video session after the radio broadcast: you can watch by clicking here.

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