The issue of unwanted dogs being surrendered: vet spot on VMTV’s Ireland AM

This week on Ireland AM, we discussed the common problem of unwanted dogs being surrendered to pounds and dog rescues. Carrie Hoade, an accredited dog trainer from Madra dog rescue brought two pups with her, and we discussed ways to help people avoid feeling the need to surrender their pets.

Every year, there are two surges in public discourse around dogs at Christmas/ New Year

  • Pre-Xmas – the message that it is bad to give dogs as presents at Christmas – Dogs Trust well known adage: A Dog Is For Life, not just Christmas
  • Post-Xmas – the message that high numbers of dogs are surrendered some time after Christmas, as people gradually realise that the puppy they bought on a whim is not really right for them. Some rescue groups e.g. Dogs Trust report that January is their busiest month for surrenders.

As well as these two surges in public awareness of this topic, there’s an ongoing, year-round issue with pets being surrendered to dog pounds and rescues.

To find out more, and to learn how to avoid dogs being surrendered, watch the video below.

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  • Ayokunnumi A. E says:

    Great and apt article!

    Must stress the severity of the situation. This is given the terrible state of lots of shelters across the world. Factors majorly responsible for this is OVERCROWDING, poor funding, among others.

    To see that many Pet parents are giving up their pets isn’t too good.

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