The latest stray dog statistics in Ireland

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  • Peter Coughlan says:

    Hey Pete,

    Myself and my classmate are in 4th year in Carlow IT doing a project relating to lost dogs. We are going to develop a phone app and a website for lost dogs where you can upload a picture of a lost dog and using the GPS on your phone or computer it will post on Facebook to local business, local ISPCA and your list of friends. Also using dog collars your phone will be able to scan the collar and send the owners details to your phone (name, phone, email), these collars will also have exercise software built in to tell you how far you have walked your dog, calories burned etc. Also we will be investigating into dog chips with GPS to track your dog if stolen as thief’s will cut the collar, we understand that this can be seen as invasive to the dog and considered to be unethical but we will weigh that up against the need for your dogs safety. We would appreciate any help you could give us with this.

    Thank you.

    Computing Student
    Peter Coughlan

    Computing Student
    Paul Rizos

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