The Many Wholesome Benefits of Cat Grass


Cat grass is one of those miraculous things that can vastly improve the quality of life that your cat experiences. If you have noticed your cat chomping down on your houseplants, it’s time to invest in some. Cat grass is high in vitamins, with zero toxicity, and good for their digestive tract… which is more than you can say for your potentially toxic houseplants.

What is Cat Grass?

Cat grass includes several types of grass, each of which is good for your cat. Cat grass grows wild in areas where cats are native, which is most of the world. Often found in the plains of Africa, the wilds of Europe, and the Americas, these grasses are what your cat would eat if it was feral. Cat grass might describe wheat grass, oat grass, rye, or barley. You can learn more about cat grass with Purr Paw.

Why do Cats Eat Grass?

Cats eat grass for several reasons. Even although cats often throw up the grass, they don’t throw up it all. Their little furry bodies extract all the vitamins and nutrients from it first, then throw up the leftovers. If all your cat does is nibble on the tips of the grass, you might never need to clean up cat sick.

The Benefits of Providing Cat Grass for your Cat

Which brings us to all the reasons why providing cat grass to your cat is a great idea. There are multiple benefits to their health and nutrition. We detailed some of these below.

Cat Grass is Nutrient Rich

Cat grass is full of nutrients that your cat may not necessarily get anywhere else. Wheat grass is a ‘miracle food’ for we humans as much as it is for cats. It contains healthy antioxidants which fight free radicals in the bloodstream. It contains vitamins good for the teeth, skin, and claws fingernails.

Cat grass contains:

  • Oat, rye, barley, and wheat grasses all contain antioxidants
  • Vitamins A, C, E, and K
  • Glutathione
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Natural soluble fibre
  • Vitamins B1 and B6
  • Folic acid

Digestion and Elimination

Cat grass has soothing properties which can provide both anti-inflammatory agents and lubrication for your cat’s intestinal tract.

Cat grass is rich in fibre, which helps with bowel regulation, too.

Grass eating has been reviewed academically: there are studies and everything.

Fresh Breath

Back in the old days before we had breath mints, people used the leaves of plants to freshen their breath with. Mint was an obvious choice – and grows like the clappers – but parsley was another. It is the chlorophyll inside green leaved plants which helps freshen the breath. Ergo, giving your cats green cat grass helps keep them fresh.

Saves Your Plants

If you love houseplants and you are going for the full jungle effect in your living room, cat grass saves your houseplants. If you see your cat nibbling on your plants, this is a sure sign that they are looking for the tell-tale nutrition they know they find in grass. This is all fun and games until they nibble something inedible. Cat grass protects your houseplants from nibbles and stops your cat eating something toxic. Job done.

Boredom Relief

Imagine you were a little house cat. Imagine you only ever saw the world out of the window of a ten storey flat. Imagine your owner brought you a plant to play with. Enough said.

Hairball Removal

We couldn’t get through the many wholesome benefits of cat grass without mentioning how it helps them bring up the hairballs. It might even stop your cat making hairballs because it gives them more to do than just lick all day.

Cat Grass is Wholesome – 100%

Cat grass is wholesome, that’s the upshot of all of this. If you want to entertain, provide for, and satisfy your cat, this will profoundly change things for the better. Pick some up and perk up your puss.

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