The strong impact of human personalities on cats in the same household: podcast from Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

If your cat is behaving badly, it might be worth looking in the mirror. A recent study found that neurotic owners were more likely to report behavioural problems, anxiety, hostility and obesity in their pet cats. To find out more about this research, listen to the podcast below.

Questions from listeners about pets

  • My cat who is a rescue stray cat is very clever. When she goes to the back door, we ask her if she wants to go out. She shakes her head vigorously then when we open the door, she dashes out. Is the head shaking a “yes” in cat language? Helen.
  • I have six cats outside, and one that comes into the house. I hear them sneezing a lot and I’m wondering about cat flu. What do I do if this is what it is?
  • I have a Yorkie who screeches when we meet other dogs walking on leads. How can I stop him making such a racket. It’s embarrassing. I have to block his eyes if I see another dog.
  • We have adopted a female lurcher aged 18 months. What do you recommend in terms of spaying? When to do it? Any alternatives to surgery?
  • Why does my black and white indoor cat pee in her litter tray, but poo elsewhere?
  • We have to move out of our house for renovations for about six months, and we don’t know waht the best solutions is for our cat. He is an outdoor/indoor cat who sleeps inside formost of the day but loves being outside to roam the fields and to hunt. We live in a rural area. Should we put him into a cattery for the six months or bring him to our rental property or leave him at the house, where he has a cat flap and a bed in the garage.We would be here every day to feed him. I am worried that a cattery long term would destroy his soul, and that if we bring him home with us, he might disappear.

To listen to the podcast and to Pete’s answers to these queries, click on the play button below.

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