The ten most common causes of behavioural problems in dogs – my latest piece in Telegraph Online

As a vet in practice, my primary role is to deal with pets that have physical illness, but increasingly, people also have questions about behavioural issues that they are┬áhaving with their pets. Sometimes behavioural problems can be so severe that people even consider rehoming – or worse, euthanasing – their much-loved pets. It’s become increasingly obvious to me that preventing behavioural issues is the real answer, rather than waiting until there’s a serious behavioural problem that can be difficult to solve.

In my latest online piece in the Telegraph, I list the ten most common causes of bad behaviour that I see in practice. All dog owners should be aware of these issues – so that hopefully, they can learn from other people’s mistakes, and avoid having the same problems with their own pets.

Follow the link below to read the article.


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