Traditional collars, head collars and body harnesses: do you connect your dog leash to? Podcast with Pat Kenny

In this week’s show on Newstalk, we discussed the various types of collars and harnesses that can be used when walking with a dog on a leash.

Listen to the podcast by following the link below, and read my recent Telegraph article on the topic here.

As usual, I also answered a few questions about pets from listeners:

  1. My dog never goes to kennels: does she still need the Kennel Cough vaccination?
  2. My six month old Labrador digs up the poo of my six month old kitten. How can we stop her?
  3. My Labrador/ Collie has nowhere to go to the toilet; we only have decking out the back. What can we do to help her?
  4. My dog goes beserk barking when I travel in the car with her. What can I do to keep her quiet?

To hear the answers, listen to the podcast below.

After the radio show, I answered more questions on Facebook Live: you can watch the video here.

Listen to the podcast:

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