Christmas puppies – including Boxers – may look cute but they are a bad idea: here’s why

On the Pat Kenny Show today, we discussed why it’s such a bad idea to give puppies as Christmas presents. In particular, we discussed the recent surge in popularity of the Boxer breed following the John Lewis advert featuring a Boxer on a trampoline. Boxers are great for the right home, but you need to know that you are moving into a world of bounciness, slobber and energy. This doesn’t suits everyone.

Of course, puppies can make wonderful new family members, but Christmas is simply a bad time to introduce them to a family. Everybody is distracted with the busyness of the festive season, and there isn’t time to get a new puppy the time that it deserves. And unlike other presents, you can’t put a pup back on the shelf and leave it alone when you have stopped having fun together. A better idea is to give a hint of a pup at Christmas – such as a dog collar or basket – and to follow this up with choosing  a rescue dog in the New Year.

Questions and comments about pets from listeners

  • Eamonn in Waterford is concerned that his recently neutered Yorkie is putting on weight
  • My cat had a little bit of blood in her pee and we brought her to the vet and he got a pee sample and has prescribed a special diet. I was wondering if feeding her pure meat like tuna or chicken would be better?
  • It is true that Boxers are prone to epilepsy?
  • Please ask Pete to tell everyone that boxers DON’T need their tails docked! I’m a vet who’s sick of telling this to people…
  • A retired greyhound make absolutely fantastic house pet so laid back and lazy and they just love children and the sofa.
  • Could you ask the vet how can we stop our dog barking! he barks non-stop, He’s a Westie
  • Jackie says ” My son and I are allergic to most animals but would love a dog. Any suggestions on breeds that would be suitable?”



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