VetHelpDirect blog: new survey shows that millions of pets suffer because of human negligence

Rescued dogs are common and Finzi is a good example
Rescued dogs are common and Finzi is a good example

Finzi was abandoned by her owner as a young dog: she would have died if she had not been rescued

We all like to see ourselves as “good”, yet when you add all of us together, as “society”, the outcome is often far from “good”. A recent survey of attitudes to pets in the UK has just been released, and I’ve written an article on it which you can read by clicking here.

I suspect that the situation in Ireland is similar, if not worse.

The answer? We all know what we are meant to do to give pets the lives they deserve: we just need to focus on the importance of doing the right thing, and do it. No more excuses.

Finzi is a star

Finzi recovered well from her ordeal, and has become a much-loved family pet

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