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One of the challenges for all those involved in animal care – vets, veterinary nurses and members of the public – is to find reliable, up-to-date sources of information on the internet. While it’s true that good information has never been so easily and widely available, it’s also true that bad information is equally easy to find.

As a connected vet, working online for much of my day, I am often surprised at the poor quality of information that people mention to me as “truth”. Anything from washing dogs in garden disinfectants to curing all-known skin diseases with raw diets: every day, there is a new version of misinformation.

So I am delighted that a group of academics and professional educators have got together to create a top quality, state-of-the-art online information resource. Wikivet is primarily aimed at vet students, creating a global comprehensive veterinary curriculum so that people learning to be vets anywhere in the world can access a valuable educational library. But the project also welcomes interest from vets and nurses working in the field, and also from members of the public who want to know more about pet health.

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  • Ingrid says:

    Hi Pete, I followed the link because I would be really interested in access to WikiVet, but the website clearly states that there is no access for anyone outside the veterinary profession. I filled out the form, hoping my training 40 years ago as an assistant to an equine vet in The Netherlands will be close enough to the vet nurse category,but not sure that will cut the deal. I got a reply asking for detailed information, so maybe it will work for me, but it seems you were wrong when you assumed there was (limited) access for informed members of the public as well.
    Kind regards,

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