The BBC Radio 4 programme: should something be done about vets exploiting owners’ emotions?

Yesterday the BBC’s Today programme weighed in to the debate on vets’ fees.

One of the presenters, Evan Davis, brought his whippet, Mr Whippy, into the studio, and a discussion on vets’ fees followed. Mr Davis recounted how he’d spent £4000 on fixing Mr Whippy’s broken leg (including a course of hydrotherapy) while fellow presenter Justin Webb admitted that it had cost £5000 to save the life of his dog Toffee after he’d swallowed a sock.

A discussion on fees followed: Do vets profiteer from people’s emotional attachment to their pets? Should something be done about this?

In my opinion owners just need to engage with their vets, asking simple questions.“What are the options for my pet? What will they cost? What is the likely outcome?”

And vets need to give honest answers.

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