New @BritishVets guide to help young people who want to become vets

Yes, that’s me in the photo, at the age of eighteen, about to start vet college.

I was one of the fortunate ones: I was lucky enough to know from an early age that I wanted to be a vet, I had applied myself seriously to school exams, and I had found it relatively easy to get the grades I needed. I happened to have been born with many advantages, including supportive parents, a well-funded education, and other aspects that were nothing to do with my own efforts.

For many, it isn’t so easy, but with determination, it is amazing what’s possible. If you really want to be a vet, there may be ways around obstacles that you never imagined.

The British Veterinary Association has just written a guide to applying for vet school that includes a range of options that may surprise you.

So if you are a young person who wants to be a vet, or if you are a parent or mentor for such a person, be sure to check this out.

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